Kathryn Walton
President, Treasurer

Kathryn transports a friendly street cat to a doctor’s office.

After a layover in St. Louis, Kathryn moved from Texas to New York, where she earned a Masters in Architecture from Columbia University. She grew up in a household with both dogs and cats, as well as the occasional rescued goldfish, parakeet, or turtle. Kathryn now has three cats that she calls her own, but she will neither confirm nor deny the number of additional cats in her care at any one time. When Kathryn is not designing, project managing, or zoo-keeping, she enjoys cooking, long bike rides, and dabbling in screenwriting.

Abby Haywood
Vice President

Considering Abby’s first word was the name of the family’s beloved black Labrador, Sass, it’s of little surprise that animals have always played a large part in her life. She can’t remember a time she hasn’t been the proud human companion to at least one cat or dog rescue, usually more. Also a Texas transplant, it was here in New York that Abby discovered the practice of Trap-Neuter-Return, and, under Kathryn’s guidance, completed her first TNR project. Here’s to many more!

When not snuggling with one of her cats and a book, Abby likes to keep active via rock-climbing, long-distance running, and riding wherever she can on her bike.

Sara Valencia

Sara has always had an interest in animals, but she finds the plight of the street cat particularly gripping. After several melancholy encounters with local strays, she knew that making an impact in the lives of abandoned animals would be impossible to do alone. Now a foster caregiver, Sara is providing meals, play time, and a loving home to some of TASC’s most adoptable rescues. Her own cat, Matsui, also volunteers as a foster brother/Jedi Knight.

When not volunteering, you’ll find Sara reading comics, singing with Musicocity, playing a variety of video, board, or pen & paper games, and working in the offices of The National Kidney Foundation.